In A Shetland Landscape
Shetland Museum & Archives

In August 2015, sound artist Joseph Young and ceramist Kay Aplin spent a month in residence at Scalloway Booth, exploring the islands and documenting the sights and sounds of the Shetland landscape. Inspired by its bleak beauty, the artists have collaborated in this new work to represent the Shetland Islands in a unique way.

When viewing a traditional landscape painting the audience admires the work as an observer, but remains outside of it. Aplin and Young’s intention is to invite their audience to be part of the landscape, through the creation of a space for quiet contemplation. Young’s field recordings are collaged into an immersive, four-channel soundscape, whilst Aplin’s ceramic panels draw their inspiration from the plentiful micro-flora, magnified to larger-than-life scale. Together they stimulate the imagination to evoke the complexity of the natural world and the traces of the people who live within it.

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