The Shoe Box Show, Guldagergård, Denmark

Danish Summer Garden, Kay Aplin, Porcelain, show box, mixed media, 2018

I am currently exhibiting in The Shoe Box Show, an exhibition of 40 artists invited to make a piece of artwork that fits inside a shoebox for a touring show that has just opened in The Apple House Gallery, Guldagergård, Skælskør, Denmark. It will remain there until the autumn and then go on tour. Details including dates and venues to come. Guldagergård website.

For this piece, I worked with a mould I originally designed whilst in residence at Guldagergård in 2013 – my spiral design, which formed part of my Botanical Structures series and has been exhibited and commissioned widely as a component of the large-scale wall-mounted installations in oxidised and soda-wood fired porcelain.

 The concept behind the exhibition:

“I took my first steps ever in the park of Guldagergaard…

Because I was born just down the street from Guldagergaard my early childhood memories are filled with my fascination of the beautiful garden and all its magic. For years I imagined that the story of Alice in Wonderland must have taken place in the garden because of all of the white rabbits I saw there. Today as adult I know that magic really happens at Guldagergaard. This show is to celebrate my 40th birthday in April 2018 and I have been inspired to choose the shoe box concept by Nina Hole’s 70th birthday celebration held at Guldagergaard in 2011- the“Friends and Fire mates” Matchbox Show.“

“The Shoe Box Show” celebrates life and the different paths we tread and how somethings which seem incidental at first sight can later, in the bigger picture, seem to be part of it all…

I decided to scale up from matchbox to shoebox, yet still not get too big, when I decided on the criteria for the show. And shoe boxes seem to be right to me as I have a strong memory of my first shoes – they were red. Like many others, I am a great lover of shoes! The 40 shoe boxes will fit perfectly together on a pallet for the show’s onward journey.”

Mette Blum Marcher Director Guldagergaard


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