The Ceramic House

Since 2011 Kay has been developing her project The Ceramic House – her home and a living showcase of her work. Each year she curates exhibitions of international contemporary ceramics in May during the Brighton Festival. Please visit the website for further information

The Ceramic House is unique in many ways; it is an unusual house, a gallery showing the highest standard of contemporary ceramics in a domestic setting and a venue for a variety of events. Launched in 2011, it is an award-winning house (AOH 2013) and continues to inspire and delight everyone who steps inside. The house and garden are continually evolving, with new permanent ceramic installations appearing every year, so in addition to the changing exhibitions each May, it is always new and exciting for visitors. Different emerging and established artists are sought every year according to the theme and the work is carefully curated and professionally presented to create a harmonious show within the setting of the house and garden. The brand new gallery IN CAMERA will be inaugurated in May 2016; the former garage has been converted into a white cube space in the garden, with a 4 channel sound system and media screen to present film and sound work as well as installations. It also provides a venue for events and workshops.

Join the Ceramic Clan! Sign up on The Ceramic House website to receive updates about exhibitions, events and to see the latest additions of permanent installations.

The Ceramic House also offers unique accommodation and attracts visitors from across the world to experience what it feels to live in an artwork! We welcome visitors from all around the world for visits from one night to several months and now have 4 rooms to choose from, 2 en suite (with the most fabulous tiled bathrooms!)