Kay Aplin is rapidly establishing herself as one of the most energetic and active ceramic artists in the UK!
 She is becoming more and more known for her innovative Ceramic House, and her current work is expanding into areas of curation and initiation of new ceramic events and exhibitions in the wider visual arts world. This is feeding into her own work which has always been dynamic, totally original, full of colour, ambitious and delightfully idiosyncratic.

She is an excellent communicator, using social media and art magazines as well as personal contact to impart enthusiasm for her current projects.

She is a real live wire!

Kay Aplin has worked on numerous projects for Historic Royal Palaces Outreach & Community Involvement team, consistently producing work of a high quality and providing participants in these community art activities with a memorable experience.

From making a tea set to creating ceramic bosses for gardens, plates for an exhibition to summer jewellery, Kay has delivered ceramic projects which are accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and which have helped to increase the confidence and skills of participants.

Kay's experience in public and community art first attracted us to her, and we have gone back to her time and again because of her excellent rapport with groups, her effort on projects and the results which she produces. Kay is open to new ideas and working in partnership with others; she is enthusiastic, whether drawing on history or responding to participants' work; and she is also flexible, which is paramount when working with community groups.

Our projects with Kay have had some of the most positive feedback of any of our community projects in the last few years, making a lasting impact with participants and leaving a legacy within the palaces themselves.

I am very impressed by the great effort that [Kay is] doing to promote Danish ceramics. [Kay has] a very targeted and focused way of working – which I appreciate very much.

Kay is just nuclear powered. What most people aspire to achieve in five years and don't, Kay achieves in one.

Kay's beautiful architectural ceramics are unusual and carefully designed, with considerable attention given to how the various parts will come together to make a complex but harmonious whole. Made to be site specific and bespoke, her back catalogue shows the range of her ability, from the monumental Llanbradach Follies to the decoration of The Ceramic House. I know Kay to be committed, enthusiastic and reliable, able to work equally well with community groups and professionals.

Kay is an accomplished artist, specializing in the field of architectural ceramics, an area with proud traditions and also scope for development, which Kay has shown in her many interior and exterior projects, like the stunning ”Botanical Structures II, at the Regency Town House, Brighton.

My knowledge of Kay as an exhibition organizer puts her in a very special league, where she simultaneously has both an overview and an eye for detail. I was impressed with her high professional level of planning and organizing the ”Fantastic Tales” so succesfully with 16 Danish artists and at the same time doing her own show at another venue. On top of that the ”Fantastic Tales” was in Kay’s own house and she had many of us staying and we felt very welcome.

Kay has a very special gift of communication and is a master networker. She is active on most web platforms and communicates passionately about her professional life and work to a very high standard.

Kay Aplin’s Private View was a terrific occasion – a real party, put together with the same imaginative flair that typifies all Kay’s projects and ceramic commissions. The house was packed with enthusiasts from Brighton, London and beyond. Many of her guest ceramicists were on hand to talk about their work, which was an added bonus, and the performance art enhanced both Kay’s permanent installations and the artistic atmosphere of the house.

The Ceramic House, created by Kay Aplin, is a most original and apt way of displaying her work. Everything has been made and installed to a very high standard. It should be an inspiration to others.

Alongside her work as a ceramic artist – which is already widely recognised – Kay runs and promotes her business with admirable efficiency. And it all comes naturally! She deserves to go from strength to strength.