Landscape : Islands Residencies -sound and ceramic art collaborations


As part of this year’s LANDSCAPE ISLANDS sound/ceramics project, we are delighted to announce the first ever international residency programme hosted by The Ceramic House and Phoenix Brighton, entitled RESIDENT ISLANDS.

An important new development at The Ceramic House is the inclusion of sound as one of the art forms we will be promoting alongside ceramics. 2016 will see the inauguration of IN CAMERA, a new purpose built gallery space in the garden, converted from the former garage.

Image by Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir.

This could be the world’s smallest white cube gallery! It is equipped with a 4-channel sound system to present sound installations. Joseph Young, sound artist and resident of The Ceramic House, is leading the sound art developments and has plans to create the UK’s only dedicated sound art space as a permanent fixture on the Brighton scene. Stay tuned for news!

Two pairs of sound and ceramic artists will collaborate on new work in response to the theme of landscape/islands in August 2016. They will live at The Ceramic House and use the studio facilities at Phoenix Brighton, Brighton’s largest and longest-running artist-led studios.

The results will be exhibited in the South Gallery at Phoenix as part of Brighton Digital Festival in September 2016. Simultaneously, and setting the context for the Resident Islands residencies, a small version of Joseph Young and Kay Aplin’s installation In A Shetland Landscape will be exhibited in IN CAMERA.

Anne Lykke

Artists selected: Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir from Iceland who will pair with Iris Garrelfs and Anne Lykke from Denmark who will pair with Mike Blow.

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