Kohila Symposium, Estonia

Selfheal Roundel, Shetland Flora

I am delighted that I was invited to participate in the 18th Kohila Symposium which took place in Kohila Village, Estonia this summer. 

The international wood fired ceramics symposium is an annual event which aims to encourage an international exchange in the field of ceramics as well as enhancing appreciation and understanding of wood firing. We were a group of 9 artists from all over the world and together with the team of staff and assistants, it was a richly rewarding sharing experience for everyone involved. I feel blessed to have spent this time with such a great group!

Currently, the site has anagama and bourry-box kilns. Studios and accommodations are located in a 17th century manor house which is used as a music and arts school and concert hall, situated in an idyllic location in Tohisoo Manor Park on the Keila River, which was a dream. I went swimming there every day.

I made woodfired versions of my Shetland Flora series, designed using a digital microscope documenting the micro-flora indigenous to the Shetland Isles, whilst in residence at Scalloway Booth (WASPS studios) in Shetland in 2015 in preparation for the exhibition In A Shetland Landscape at Shetland Museum and Archives in 2016, a response to the Shetland landscape in ceramics and sound in collaboration with sound artist Joseph Young. Subsequently a condensed touring version of the exhibition was presented at In Camera Gallery, The Ceramic House; Guildhall Museum, Rochester and DAAD, Dover Arts Development project space, in autumn 2016. For the touring version I designed the arrangements of the individual components into roundels, and it is this idea that I am now pursuing with the new woodfired work.

Click here for a photo-gallery of the symposium. Beautiful photos by Kulla Laas.

Panorama of exhibition opening


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