Made in Korea

Made in Korea is a cultural exchange between the UK and Korea evolving throughout 2017 in Brighton,

Min Soo Lee, Cylinders, porcelain, stain, 2016

London, Stoke-on-Trent and Seoul. Involving 20 artists from Korea, 5 from the UK, and encompassing 4 exhibitions, 4 concerts, and the launch of a unique audio guide, Made in Korea is seventh and most ambitious project at The Ceramic House to date.

Following a research trip to Korea in 2016, Kay Aplin will curate an exhibition of Korean ceramics at The Ceramic House in May, which transfers to London gallery, Sladmore Contemporary in July. Two Korean ceramists will be in residence at The Ceramic House May-June, creating new work for British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent. Kay will present new work reflecting on her trip to Korea at Sladmore Contemporary, British Ceramics Biennial and Mullae Arts Factory, Seoul.

The project additionally uncovers the links between sound and ceramic practice through a dedicated mobile app that uses the ceramic making processes as its main source sounds, and features compositions from six international sound artists and composers, curated by sound artist Joseph Young. The app will be launched at British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent and Mullae Arts Factory in Seoul. The sounds will be discoverable on a trail in both cities at iconic locations related to sites of ceramic and artistic production.

The phrase ‘Made in Korea’ is often synonymous with the mass production of ephemeral objects. Korean ceramic tradition stretches back several millennia, and the artists featured throughout this project reinterpret and rework this historic legacy. The displayed works combine contemporary references and highly individualised techniques, placing this impressive heritage within the world of globalised culture.

Funded by the Arts Council of England

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