Shetland Arts Summer Showcase

26th July – 27th August

Bonhoga Gallery
Weisdale Mill
Shetland ZE2 9LW
+44 (0) 1595 745750

Opening hours
Wednesday to Sunday
10.30am – 4.30pm

I am delighted to have been invited to exhibit together with renowned makers Deborah Briggs, Lindean Mill and Cecilia Stamp. in the Bonhoga Gallery Summer Showcase run by Shetland Arts.

I am showing a selection of my wood fired Shetland Flora. This body of work was conceived in residence whilst on a residency at Scalloway Booth in Shetland in 2015 and led to my exhibition In A Shetland Landscape at Shetland Museum and Archives in collaboration with sound artist Joseph Young.

The works represent tiny plants I collected whilst roaming the landscape and investigated using a microscope, magnifying them to larger-than-life scale. The titles of the pieces refer to the name of the plant and the location in Shetland where it was found.

Shetland Flora was a subsequent body of work created at Kohila Woodfiring Symposium in Estonia and further developed when I was guest artist at the WFAIR wood firing symposium at Guldagergaard, Denmark. Shetland Flora was first exhibited in my solo show at Kaolin in Stockholm, October-November 2022. In Bonhoga Gallery, the works on display are mainly individual wall pieces, both unmounted and mounted on wood fired clay slabs.

Bonhoga Gallery is situated in Weisdale Mill, it promotes the best of Shetland, national and international applied art and craft through a programme of curated retail, exhibition and showcase opportunities.

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