The Joy of Isolation

The of Isolation

Four sound artists have been commissioned to create improvised musical/sonic performances in response to the theme The Joy of Isolation which has been complied into a digital album available on cassette and as a digital download. Created in partnership with Aural Detritus. The album is available on Bandcamp here.

Sound artists:
Blanca Regina
Embla Quickbeam
Paul Khimasia Morgan
Joseph Young

Visitors to “Joy” can listen to “The Joy of Isolation” album whilst walking around the exhibition. Visitors are requested to bring smartphone and headphones. (Disinfected headphones also available.)

Click below to listen to an excerpt or click through to the bandcamp page to listen to all of the works. The album or individual tracks can be purchased on bandcamp.


To celebrate the launch of “The Joy of Isolation” album, Aural Detritus founder Paul Khimasia Morgan focuses on the album in his latest blog post. He chats to participant BLANCA REGINA about her latest projects, her multi-media working practice and plays material from her brand new album on Unpredictable Series with STEVE BERESFORD, “What Blue”. Plus, there’s sounds from EMBLA QUICKBEAM, STRAY TRANSMISSION, KURONEKO, UPWARD and JOSEPH YOUNG.

Blog post on Mixcloud:

The album was launched at our virtual opening on the 21st November 2020. Paul Khimasia Morgan, Blanca Regina and Joseph Young talked about their working processes and inspiration for their interpretation of The Joy of Isolation.

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