An exhibition of contemporary craft. Kay created her installation specifically for Twisted. It then transferred to The Ceramic House where it is now on display as one of the permanent pieces.

“The vogue for traditional crafts and textiles undoubtedly lies in putting them to new, distinctly non-traditional uses at the moment. Whether it’s a transitional phase or the future for makers and spinners, the ethos is perfectly encapsulated to the six artists involved in Twisted, who variously turn clay into cages, puppets into tableaux, sewing machines into drawing tools and fabrics into floating installations. Life size bodies, eerie walk- through installations and dreamlike, tactile worlds are among the results in an original and magical- looking show.”
Brighton Source

Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.5m
Medium: Stoneware ceramic
Place: Phoenix Brighton Gallery
Year: 2011

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