Botanical Structures

Botanical Structures was developed at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark in 2013 and was a response to the Danish summer landscape. It was the first residency Kay undertook in (by then) almost 20 years of working professionally as a public artist and gave her the opportunity to experiment without thematic, client, budget or timescale constraints. It led to her current practice of creating large scale tiled installations for exhibitions and by commission and was her initial investigation into flora as a theme and her first experience of wood firing which has shaped her practice ever since.

The Botanical Structures series presents large-scale wall-mounted one-off porcelain installation pieces, each an assemblage of multiple components filling a linear space. Working in slip-cast porcelain, the glaze palette is a combination of oxidization and soda wood firing.

Botanical Structures IV European Ceramic Context 2014

Botanical Structures IV was the final part of The Ceramic House UK-Denmark exchange project curated by Kay Aplin in 2014 and her first solo show.

European Ceramic Context 2014

Rønne Library, Bornholm, Denmark

Oxidised and soda wood fired porcelain

7m x 0.7m


Botanical Structures II Regency Town House

Botanical Structures II was exhibited at the Regency Townhouse for the Brighton Festival in 2014 and was created for The Ceramic House UK-Denmark exchange project in 2014.

Regency Townhouse, Brighton

Oxidised porcelain

2.35 x 1.2m


Botanical Structures III Fantastic Tales

Botanical Structures III was exhibited as part of Fantastic Tales, an exhibition of Danish contemporary ceramics at The Ceramic House, part of The Ceramic House UK-Denmark exchange project in 2014. It was also exhibited at Sladmore Contemporary as part of Made in Korea in 2017, The Ceramic House UK-Korea project curated by Kay Aplin.

The Ceramic House, Brighton

Soda wood fired porcelain

2.2 x 1.m


Sladmore Contemporary

Soda wood fired porcelain

2.2 x 1.m


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