Silk Roads & Floral Routes

A Photo Essay

Within the book Perfection of Understanding

Part of Interbeing, The Ceramic House

Published by Independent Publishing Network


Silk Roads and Floral Routes is a photo essay created for The Ceramic House book Perfection of Understanding which concluded the Interbeing project curated by Kay Aplin & Joseph Young. It was a positive fall-out from the Covid-19 pandemic. Having lost an exhibition venue for Ceramic Wallpaper: Peonies, Kay decided to bring the work closer to China by involving some of the participating Chinese artists and partners in Interbeing in a digital-geographical hybrid collaboration. Each contributor was invited to submit a photograph of a wall in China which was significant to them. Kay worked with Helen Scarlett O’Neill to ‘install’ the peonies on to the walls, creating a virtual tour of China encapsulated within the book.

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