Public Art

In creating public art commissions, Kay aims to create landmark contemporary features with high visual impact, filling public spaces with wonder and inspiration that a local community can be proud of.

Successfully integrating artworks into public spaces in order to enhance the environment means making work that is site specific and directly responds to its surroundings. Her work always relates the physical characteristics, uses and geographical location of a site, as well as its historical heritage and surrounding natural, social, industrial and architectural influences, while ensuring it remains relevant and accessible to the people who inhabit it. Encouraging people to interact with the artwork is key, and she often designs pieces that are combine functionality and aestheticism.

Stoneware ceramic is one of the most effective ways of providing durable colour into external installations, which Kay combines with materials such as mosaic, concrete, metal and stone. Previous projects include sculptures, wall reliefs, floorscapes, water features, decorative seating and architectural features for new builds. Her designs are situated in a variety of urban and rural locations such as parks, gardens, playgrounds, hospitals, schools, housing estates and town centres. These projects are invariably produced in collaboration with community representatives, local authorities, project managers, architects, engineers, contractors and landscape architects. To date, clients have included 10 local authorities, 3 NHS Trusts, 10 foundations, 15 festivals and approximately 40 schools.