Bargoed Woodland Park

Lead artist overseeing and designing public art plan for artworks into gateways surrounding the 22-mile perimeter of the park, formerly 2 collieries.

Angel Lane site: sculptural applications on to dry-stone wall: ceramic applied to reinforced concrete and set into concrete copings. Chapel Street site: floorscape, ceramic set into blue pennant sandstone.

As lead artist, I coordinated an extensive programme of community consultation, involving primary and secondary schools, sports clubs, nature groups and youth groups across 4 towns surrounding the park. I led 3 commissioned artists, set the theme (the transition of industry into nature) and created two ceramic installations at gateways into the park.

Client: Caerphillly County Borough Council

Dimensions: 3D structures: 1m high, Tiled wall top: 4m long, Floorscape: 7m long

Medium: Wall: ceramic applied to concrete, Floor: ceramic set into sandstone

Place: Bargoed Woodland Park, South Wales

Year: 2003

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