Bidwell West

A series of artworks in the landscaping around the new village of Bidwell West in Bedfordshire. Flora and fauna of nearby Icknield and Chiltern Ways provide the theme. The focal piece is a 4m high archway; brick clad with relief ceramic tiles/handmade mosaic, plus 6 benches, 12 stools and 13 waymarkers, cast coloured concrete with hand-made mosaic inserts. The waymarkers are positioned along interconnecting pathways in the landscaping leading up to a nature reserve with 2 benches at viewpoints on the paths, 4 curved benches situated around archway; stools form clusters in landscaping for play/seating. Workshops with members of the public at community events.

Client: Isaac Mercer

Archway: 4m high
Stools: 0.5 – 1m diameter
Benches: 1.5m long
Waymarlers: 1m high

Archway: Ceramic relief tiles, brick, cast concrete 
Stools, benches: Ceramic mosaic recessed into cast concrete
Waymarkers: Ceramic relief, cast concrete

Place: Bidwell West, Bedfordshire

Year: 2023

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