Blackberry Hill Hospital

Ceramic features incorporated into three external courtyards in Fromeside Medium Secure Services, Blackberry Hill Hospital.

A collaboration with a lighting designer resulted in computer controlled illuminated ceramics.

Consulted with contractors and landscape architects to incorporate artwork into plans. Consultations and workshops with staff and mental health service users informed the design process.

Client: Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Trust

Dimensions: Water feature: 1.5m high, 1.5m diameter, 5 panels each 2m high x 0.5m wide, Continuous panel 0.2m wide

Medium: Courtyard 2: water feature, ceramic applied to reinforced concrete, lighting. Courtyard 3: Five ceramic panels with internal LED lighting set into recesses in rendered wall. Courtyard 6: Continuous ceramic panel with internal LED lighting set into recess in rendered wall.

Place: Bristol

Year: 2005

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