Regents Place

Consisting of two curving brick walls with ceramic relief applications, the walls are situated on the Chiltern Way, which has been routed around the edge of the new housing estate. One wall represents the Chiltern Way and the other wall represents the historic Icknield Way which is situated one mile away. Each wall features 10 roundels featuring sites of interest along both of the Ways, each linked along a linear map taken from OS maps of the two routes representing the actual topography. Sections of each Way are approximately equidistant to the east and the west with the location of the artwork as the epicentre.

Places of interest are depicted through representations of archaeological, historical, industrial, architectural, and flora and fauna pertinent to each site in ceramic relief. Each site is named in ceramic relief lettering. Additional places are represented in the form of small discs which punctuate the ceramic lines.

Client: Taylor Wimpey 

Dimensions: Each wall 7m long, roundels 0.5m diameter

Medium: Ceramic relief applied to brick

Place: Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire

Year: 2021

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