The Ceramic House

In 2011 Kay initiated her award-winning project The Ceramic House – a pop up gallery, artists residency/guesthouse and living showcase of her work. It is also her home that she shares with her partner sound artist Joseph Young and since 2016 they have been collaborating curatorially, investigating the intersections between ceramic and sound art practice. Please visit the website for further information:

The Ceramic House is unique in many ways; it is an unusual house, a gallery showing the highest standard of contemporary ceramics in a domestic setting and a venue for sound art performance events. The house and garden are continually evolving with the addition of new permanent ceramic installations, so it is always new and exciting for visitors. Exhibitions usually take place in May as part of the Artists Open Houses Festival.

In Camera Gallery provides a neutral space for installations and a multi-purpose space for projects. The artists-in-residency programme was inaugurated in 2016, pairing international ceramic and sound artists by invitation for specific projects.

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The Ceramic House also offers unique accommodation and attracts visitors from around the world to experience what it feels to live in an artwork! Find out more about staying at The Ceramic House.