Tilery Housing Estate
Groundwork North East and Cumbria
Panels: ceramic installed into rendered walls. Sculptures: porcelain mosaic and hand-made ceramic tiles
Panels 1.6 x 0.65m, Toadstools 0.5 – 1m diameter

Part of a landscaping regeneration project for Tilery Housing Estate. Five ceramic relief panels incorporated into new gateways at the entrances into five courtyards. A series of 21 mosaic- and ceramic-clad toadstool-shaped sculptures provide clusters of seating inside the courtyards.

Teesside is historically rich in many industries. The designs of the panels are based on 18th Century maps of the local area that depict where the potteries were located, represented on the maps by assemblages of pots. I also designed a system of symbols in relief to represent the other industries and where they exist(ed) on the maps. The designs of the toadstool seating mosaics reference the tiles that were produced by the potteries during the Victorian era. Workshops with local primary and secondary schools contributed to the design process.

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